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Dani sitting on cushions with crossed legs and a cuppa

Hi I’m Dani.

Qualified Advanced EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Meditation Teacher

I work with you to help release old emotional baggage and limiting beliefs so you can embrace the future with confidence and emotional freedom.

Dedicated to helping you bring back peace and joy into your life in a safe and caring space.


I am passionate about helping others find peace in their lives, using EFT and meditation.


I create a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for both children and adults.

Life Experience

My life’s experiences give me the empathy to connect with you, no matter what your are going through.

As seen on Channel 7’s House of Wellness

My Services

Children & Adolescents

Using EFT with children and adolescents can have dramatic effects and work quickly. EFT can successfully treat issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, OCD and many more.

Anxiety & Depression

Living with anxiety and depression is difficult and exhausting. Using EFT can considerably improve your wellbeing and release stress and stored emotions in as little as one session.

Chronic Pain

Many chronic pain conditions can be attributed to a stressful period in one’s life. By addressing the pain and the trauma that may have led to the pain, EFT can successfully release stored emotions and pain related to the chronic pain condition.

Grateful Clients

I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I’ve tried multiple therapies to treat and manage but it never really stuck. After a google search in my local area for options to improve my confidence and self-esteem, I stumbled upon Dani’s EFT’s service. I feel it was fate. I had never heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) before so was a bit skeptical but after reviews and recommendations, I decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose? I’m so glad I did. It’s been life-changing and really helped unpack what’s been on and give me tools and practices to become more comfortable in my skin. I can’t recommend Dani’s skills highly enough – she is kind, calm, and generous so you feel at ease and heard. She’s incredibly intuitive and gifted and you can tell she really cares. After every session, a layer of the onion has been unpeeled and a weight lifted off the shoulders. If you are thinking about it, just do it, you’ll never look back!


I started seeing Dani after a traumatic medical procedure that left me with nerve pain and feeling very overwhelmed. I had a further procedure coming up which was causing extreme anxiety. EFT and working with Dani really helped me to go into the procedure feeling very calm and confident. Dani’s knowledge and own experience with nerve pain helped me greatly as I felt that I had the ability to control a lot of the pain. Dani created a warm safe space for my healing to begin. She is patient and very caring. I love the practice of EFT as I now have a tool that helps me to calm and feel relaxed about any situation. Dani, I am truly grateful for your time and helping me through this difficult unexpected time in my life.

Denise K.

Dani cares deeply about each and every client. She puts in 100% and far beyond what a normal practitioner would do. Her skill level is incredible and the amount of education she has done is astonishing. Her lived experience of overcoming chronic pain issues and depression herself, puts her in the perfect position of totally understanding what you are going through, knowing what it feels like to struggle and feel hopeless at times, yet keep moving on. She has an array of techniques to choose from which she tailors to your specific needs. Her background as a teacher working with children and teenagers gives her a unique skill set that makes her the perfect practitioner for your child or teenager. She has been seeing my teenage daughter for a few months now and the relationship the two of them formed is something I am forever grateful for to her and know that no other practitioner can match. I have no hesitation wholeheartedly recommending her. She is an amazing human being and an amazing practitioner always going the extra mile for each and every client.


My son (9) and myself have had the pleasure of being supported by Dani through some challenging times. I’ve always been impressed how she has been able to engage with him and hold his hand as he revisited tough memories and feelings. Dani is always able to gauge when he has had enough and switch up appropriately. Which when done remotely on Zoom has to be commended.

I’ve also worked with Dani on some very sensitive issues. I’ve always felt safe and supported and able to be open and honest without fear of judgment.

Dani is a generous, grounded and well-informed practitioner who I can wholeheartedly recommend.

LM, Wellington, NZ

My name is Katie and I was 12 years old when I started seeing Dani. For a while, I’d suffered from OCD problems and eating disorder issues. When I heard of EFT, I thought that it was a bit silly, but when I came to Dani, I realised the huge benefits of it. What I really liked about Dani, was that I could tell she was very determined to help me, and she made me feel like I could easily talk to her about anything. I did a couple of sessions with Dani until I saw significant changes occuring. Sometimes I hadn’t even realised that I’d stopped doing these OCD things. They behaviours just stopped and one day I would realise that I hadn’t repeated the behaviours in a few weeks. That was how beneficial it was.
Dani also helped me with an eating problem that lasted for some time. Through Dani’s caring nature she helped me. Before I started doing EFT, I was concentrating a lot on how much I would eat every day. For some reason I wanted to loose weight even though I was quite skinny. Through the help of Dani, I started to realise that I shouldn’t be concentrating on my body and I realised it wasn’t healthy for me.
I am 14 years old today and I don’t have any eating issues anymore. I don’t worry about my weight anymore. I would highly reciommend Dani and EFT to anyone and I am so grateul to Dani for how she helped me at a very difficult time.
Katie – 14 yrs old

It was only after my first session with Dani that I was able to feel a positive shift start to take place along with a sense of lightness. Dani’s warmth, patience and understanding is used to create a safe and supportive environment to delve deeper into underlying emotions and feelings. I can’t thank you enough for your support, Dani, and for transforming my outlook on life. I feel so much more hopeful and optimistic about my future now… and I am getting a full night’s sleep too! I highly recommend Dani to anyone seeking that positive shift and wanting to live a happier and healthier life!!


A Positive Shift

I attend weekly meditation sessions with Daniella, which I do after work. Since I’ve started meditations at Zenful Mind, I’ve noticed that I have deeper sleeps and am able to get to sleep quicker. Daniella tailors the mediation sessions according to our needs and preferences. I’ve tried apps and other forms of meditations in the past, but I didn’t get the same results as I am getting with Zenful Mind. 
Highly recommend Zenful Mind!



EFT Session Feedback

Dani is amazing!!! We needed  help with our daughters anxiety and anger issues.
We had tried many different techniques such as a physcologist, meditation and breathing. We recognised that our daughter needed other “tools” to help her journey through adolescence. Dani was lovely & guided my daughter through tapping and breathing techniques. We witnessed changes in our daughters behaviour straight away. She now knows that she has the ability to control her reactions to situations. We are so grateful! Thanks Dani.

Highly recommend Zenful Mind!


Leila L.

I have had 3 sessions with Dani so far and she was always spot on with where she guided me to. It was great to just share my problem & let her take the reins. I felt a lot of relief from the issue I went in with, and then later in the week I also noticed that I was getting far less bothered when the same situation came up again. Dani has a lovely calm, gentle approach and is very professional. I highly recommend her to help you find more emotional freedom in your life!

Daniella’s energy is calming and peaceful. She provided a safe, nonjudgmental space where I felt I could open up about anything. She helped me release feelings on a situation that was causing me to feel stuck. I felt lighter and more at ease with the situation after our session.

Dani has been a godsend by helping me with EFT and meditation practice. I had previously known about, and occasionally used EFT tapping practices for managing emotions, stress and assisting with weight loss. 
However, I can not recommend Danni’s warmth, comforting environment and personalised experience, enough. 
Dani has been able to guide and assist me in releasing emotional fears, past trauma, self-devaluation conflicts as well as helping me develop the tools to assist me in calming my fears and anxieties. 
I highly recommend the positive affects of tapping for releasing and healing. Thank you Dani (and Uki) for your professionalism and the difference in my processes you have helped me develop in my goal towards a Zenful Mind. 

I have been attending EFT coaching sessions with Dani for 4 months now. Dani creates a safe, warm & welcoming environment. I felt at ease to discuss my situation/phobia and was open to what could be achieved. After my second session I felt my mindset shift towards my phobia, coupled with utilizing the techniques and tools Dani provided me with to manage situations. This has definitely made a huge difference in my day to day life and allowed me to do things I have avoided in the past. I look forward to my sessions with Dani as each session is different and I walk away with a fresh mindset each time. Dani invests so much time and effort in ensuring that you benefit from each session and leave feeling a sense of satisfaction.

Taylor R.

Dani is an amazing therapist. I came to her after losing my Father unexpectedly to Covid-19. She helped me process the trauma I experienced through tapping and guided me throughout. Her support helped me let go of grief, and feel noticeably lighter and happier. I really rate her and have recommended her to my friends and family!

Zen Session Testimonials

“Dani creates a warm and welcoming environment for you to meditate in. She has the most ‘amazing’ voice for meditation, making it easy to settle into. I leave feeling refreshed, positive and relaxed. I have chronic back pain at times and have used Tapping for pain with really positive results. I have attended other meditation sessions previously and have not had the same results. I highly recommend her. Dani would be great to experience your first meditation session with.”
Shelley R.

Thank you Dani for the chance to learn something new in an inviting, calm and holistic space. I feel so much lighter after this session, like a weight has been lifted. Just beautiful.”
Leah C.

“This is a wonderful location to meditate, easy to get to but free from busy traffic sounds. And the session was a great mix of EFT & mindfulness meditation that had something for beginners & seasoned meditators alike.”
Emma W.

“Thank you Dani, it was a lovely evening! It was great to to be part of a group meditation again and I felt wonderfully relaxed and full of gratitude.”
Jane A.

About Daniella Goranic

Daniella Goranic is a qualified advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She also teaches meditation and offers group meditation and EFT workshops.

Logos of Accredited Advanced Practitioner by EFT International and Member at Institute for Complementary Therapists

Daniella Goranic
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
111 Dartford Rd
Thornleigh NSW 2120