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So why are so many people talking about meditation?

Meditation is commonly looked upon as too difficult and often people give up on it because they find the practice challenging. Just like anything, it takes time and perseverance. The more you practice the easier it becomes and having a meditation teacher to help guide you through the journey is always a bonus.

I used to be one of those people who would say “meditation is too hard……..I can’t meditate……..my mind is so busy…” and never thought meditation would become a daily practice for me, and I definitely didn’t think I’d become a meditation teacher! 

What are the Benefits of Group Meditation?


Even with the best intentions, a daily practice can be a challenge and this is why attending group meditation sessions is a great way to help jump-start your meditation practice.

Not only is meditating in a group a great way to meet new people and a fun way to learn a new skill, but you are more likely to experience a deeper meditation and relaxation state in a group setting. 

When we meditate in a group setting, we are able to feed off the energy in the group (including the meditation instructor). There are studies that prove the existence of a ripple effect of peace and coherence when a group meditates together. Some of these studies have recorded EEG results of group meditators that show that brainwaves synchronize while meditating. After attending group meditation, many people report that their meditation experience was deeper and that they were able tap into a more profound silence than they were able to experience on their own. 

Group meditation also allows you a safe space to ask questions and share any challenges you may be experiencing and keeps you accountable and motivated. It also allows to feel connected with others which is vital in the times we are living in.

Benefits of Meditation

Improves Memory

Lowers the Stress Hormone Cortisol

Improves Mood

Reduces Inflammation

Reduces Anxiety

Decreases Pain

Improves Sleep

Improves Emotional Health

Decreases Blood Pressure

Boosts Immune System

Zenful Mind offers group sessions and private meditation coaching for those who prefer some 1:1 guidance.

Group Meditation

Group sessions are run regularly and cater for beginner to advanced meditators. 

Meditations vary from session to session and include relaxation, visualisation, chakra, breath, insight, lovingkindness, sound bath and more. Regardless of your level of experience,you are guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Zen Sessions (EFT and Meditation)

Experience the benefits of group EFT and meditation at a Zen session, where we combine both of these relaxation techniques to leave you feeling zen! We begin the session by tapping our stress away to calm the nervous system, before entering a relaxing guided meditation. You will truly appreciate the benefits of combining EFT and meditation.

Private Group & Corporate Sessions

If you can’t make any of the group sessions and have some friends who would like to attend with you, contact me to organise a convenient time to run a private group session


I am also available to run sessions and workshops for your employees at your place of business. 

Private Sessions

Private coaching is available for those people who may not be able to make a group session or who prefer a private setting to address their personal meditation goals. Perhaps you are a beginner and feel more comfortable learning the basics of meditation in a private session or you are an advanced meditator and would like some guidance in expanding your practice.  A meditation recording or exercise is given to use between sessions and help establish a daily meditation practice.


About Daniella Goranic

Daniella Goranic is a qualified advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She also teaches meditation and offers group meditation and EFT workshops.

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