Science behind EFT & Meditation

Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT has become one of the fastest growing stress management tools and has incredible scientific research to back up its effectiveness.

meditation has been described by some medical professionals as ‘the medicine of the future’.
Both EFT and meditation calm the nervous system by inducing a relaxation response in the body.  EFT and meditation have had increased interest from the scientific community and have had extensive ever-increasing scientific research to back up their effectiveness.

Emotional Freedom Techniques 

In summary some of the latest research has found that EFT/Tapping:


– Lowers the stress hormone cortisol 
Boosts the immune system by increasing Immunoglobulin A levels 
Reduces food cravings with fMRI scans showing changes in the brain as a result of EFT
Positively influences gene expression
– Is a fast, effective and long lasting treatment for anxiety and depression
– Dramatically reduces burnout in healthcare workers 
– Significantly reduces test anxiety in high school students
–  Reduces PTSD symptoms in veterans

Watch the video featuring EFT’s world leading researcher, Dr Peta Stapleton (Associate Professor in Psychology & 2019 Psychologist of the Year) summarising some of latest scientific research on EFT.
Watch Dr Peta Stapleton demonstrate how EFT changes brainwave states in real-time using a focus band (a wearable brain sensing headset).


Similarly, there has been extensive research to back up the effectiveness of meditation. In summary, the research shows that meditation;
– Boosts the immune system
– Reduces feelings of stress and overwhelm
– Improves memory and focus
– Improves sleep
– Reduces pain
– Reduces anxiety
– Changes the brain
Watch the video about the benefits of meditation.


About Daniella Goranic

Daniella Goranic is a qualified advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She also teaches meditation and offers group meditation and EFT workshops.

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